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Pulp Mill Optimization and
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Continuous Asset Optimization

Allnorth is a leading engineering and technical services firm that specializes in the pulp and paper sector, our expertise in process engineering has helped our clients find and implement valuable opportunities within their current operations to improve their bottom line.

Our Continuous Asset Optimization process is a proven approach that begins with plant process and simulation modelling to uncover optimization opportunities. In collaboration with the client, we develop economic evaluations of short listed optimization opportunities. Our scope development, feasibility studies and capital cost estimates assist in the client’s strategic and financial decision-making process.

Allnorth works seamlessly during the implementation phase on projects that receive a positive investment decision by providing detailed engineering, construction, project management start-up and commissioning services. Plant process and simulation modelling is continuously updated to reflect the current operational environment, while the asset optimization process continues.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Allnorth can assist its clients by identifying areas to reduce waste, water and energy consumption and with opportunities to increase yield and energy generation. By developing a process simulation model of an entire mill, problems or opportunities can be clearly identified and concisely defined.

Capital Cost Estimating & Project Justification

Whether to shortlist or obtain funding approval for a project, Allnorth can provide pre-feasibility, feasibility or appropriation grade estimates of opportunities identified in the strategic planning phase.

Detailed Design Engineering, Construction & Project Management

Our multi-disciplined team of internationally recognized pulp and paper engineers, designers and specialists have the skills and experience to execute any sized project, from brownfield retro-fits to greenfield installations.

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