Jaco Krüger

Principal Engineer - Electrical

Jaco Krüger is an Electrical and Controls Engineer and the Principal Engineer – Electrical with Allnorth. Jaco has project engineering experience in concept and detail design on integrated, multidisciplinary, multi-organizational projects. This experience encompasses system-level integration, interfacing with multiple engineering disciplines for design, evaluation, implementation and verification of products, systems and engineering processes. He also has the ability to ensure (via rigorous testing and analysis), conformance to sound engineering principles, customer requirements, industry quality and safety standards and specifications.

Jaco has experience with integrated systems where electrical, control systems, mechanical, lighting, security and safety are designed to interoperate for increased efficiency and safety. Client requirements analysis, requirement tracking, specification preparation, system design and verification are done at a systems level. Jaco also has experience in formal certification procedures for systems where compliance to codes and regulations are important, including managing the client’s requirements and their traceability to the design or to other sub-systems.

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